We are a technologically-driven industrial solution with the aim of embracing all players in agriculture; smallholders and big companies alike, in optimizing the worth of their products towards utmost profits.

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We are a commodity trading company poised towards Food Security in Nigeria via the advancement of the nation's agricultural economy. we have valuable contacts around the world to provide support and apply innovative ideas and technology at the field level.
We work with smallholder farmers and cooperatives to provide the best quality of commodities for local and international trading markets.


We offer reliable, convenient financing that is pre-approved for when you need it. We believe access to finance, especially for smallholder farmers in developing economies, is an important condition for change. We also offer tailored advice and deliver technology solutions to accelerate financial inclusion for small agri enterprises and smallholder farmers.


We offer export of cash crops such as Cashew, Cocoa, Ginger, Sesame, and many more. Barns Agritech remains immense to markets in the Middle East and Europe with a Licence from Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC). Our supply chain efficiency combined with the origin and logistical flexibility enables us to deliver significant value to our customers around the world.


We supply commodities such as (Maize, Soya, Sorghum,Paddy rice Groundnuts ,to industrial consumers. Our industry engagement allows us to efficiently provide easy market access to smallholder farmers while reducing post-harvest losses.

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